Engaged? Top Five (5) Things To Do First

Congratulations on your engagement! Before you post that ring photo online, take a moment to go through this list first. Here’s the top five things every couple should do first upon getting engaged. 

#1: Celebrate Together

It may sound silly, but take some time to enjoy being engaged before telling anyone. It’s almost like the calm before the storm. Announcing your engagement is a very fun and exciting part of being engaged, but it also can be overwhelming. It’s common and perfectly natural for people to ask about your wedding plans after you announce your engagement. Postpone sharing the news to allow you and your partner some quality time together before the wedding planning starts. Wedding planning is a long process, make sure to enjoy milestone moments together, starting with the biggest: your engagement. 


#2: Tell Loved Ones

Hold off on posting that ring photo just a tad longer… Before announcing your engagement to the world, it’s good etiquette to personally announce your engagement to your immediate family and/or your inner circle. Would anyone be hurt if they found out about your engagement online or through another person? Parents, grandparents, and close friends come to mind but it’s basically anyone who you consider to be in your inner circle. These people should find out through you personally, especially if you plan on inviting them to your wedding.


#3: Draft A Budget

Budgets may not be sexy, but they’re necessary, especially if you want to save money in the long-run. Not having a budget will pretty much ensure you overspend. If you spend some time in the beginning to create one, you’ll thank yourself later. Trust me.

Don’t know where to start on drafting a budget? Some planners, like myself, have budget templates for their clients to use. If you don’t have a planner, start by ranking all the possible vendors in order of importance. Once you have your ranked vendors, you’ll know what areas of your wedding deserves more attention and what areas don’t.


#4: Draft A Guest List

With a draft budget made, it’s time to narrow down those ranges by drafting a guest list. Caterers often charge by the plate and venues have both seating and standing capacities. You’ll need to draft a preliminary guest list before you can start touring wedding venues and scheduling tastings. Don’t waste your time by touring a venue that only seats 120 if you’re planning on inviting 300 people. 


#5: Determine Your Design

Whether that’s hoping onto Pinterest and creating a mood board, or taking a design quiz (like ours) the final step you need to do before you can really jump into wedding planning, is to determine your wedding design or theme. Having a creative direction will help once you start researching vendors. Why waste time meeting with a photographer if their style is dark and moody, but you want light and bright? Or tour a barn venue if you want an urban rooftop wedding. It’s tempting to jump right in and interview vendors, but you’ll save a lot of time if you determine your design first.