How To Incorporate Dogs Into Your Wedding

Dogs are amazing animals and great companions. It makes sense that you’ll want them at one of the biggest days of your life, but how do you incorporate them into your plans? Here are four ways to include your best friend in your wedding, from physically having them at the ceremony to honoring them in certain design pieces. 

#1: First Look

Having a First Look with your pup is a great way to incorporate your shy, reactive, or rambunctious pets into your wedding without subjecting them to crowds of people. You’ll get to control the situation and get amazing family photos. It’s a win-win! Make sure to set time aside in the timeline for this special moment and then have a trusted person bring your dog to your wedding when it’s time for photos. A family friend the dog already knows, your dog walker, or hiring a pet service, like To Way & To Hold or Wags & Garland, are all great options. 

#2: Ceremony Role

Ceremony roles like Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, or being the Best Man are great options if you want your dog to play a bigger role in your wedding. Keep in mind, this level of involvement should be kept for friendly and well trained pups. Dogs can either walk themselves down the aisle (expert level) or can be guided on a leash by another member of the wedding party. 

#3: Reception Guest

If your dog is friendly but not as well trained, consider having them at your wedding reception as a guest. This option is great for outdoor venues, casual weddings hosted at a family property, and /or weddings with a smaller guest count. It’s still a good idea to keep dogs on a leash, unless you know every single one of your guests are okay with dogs. If you’re planning on having your dog off-leash, assigning a dog handler anyways is essential for bathroom duty. 

#4: Design Inspiration

If you can’t physically have your dog with you during your wedding, having design choices honoring them is the next best thing. Pet inspired cake toppers, signature drinks, event signage, and framed photos are a few options to consider. Remember, your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple, your love for one another, and what you think is important. If your dog means the world to you, have fun incorporating design elements of them into your BIG day.