Intimate Index Wedding

The Cascade Mountains and Skykomish River provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate PNW wedding near the town of Index, WA. 

Kaitlyn and Tristan wanted their closest family and friends to join them in the woods as they celebrated their love for one another and tied the knot. They found a cluster of rental cabins just off of Hwy 2 called Blue Sky Ranch that fit all their needs. Beautiful flowers were provided by Rusted Vase Co. but because of the remote location, I had the pleasure of creating and styling some pieces myself including the arbor installation and centerpieces.

Some of my favorite details about this wedding included a pre-ceremony hike / Adventure Photoshoot with their photographers, a standing ceremony overlooking the Skykomish River, and their dog Hazel being the ring bearer. With the Cascade Mountains as their backdrop, Kaitlyn and Tristan redefined what a PNW wedding is and left a lasting impression on their East Coast families.